LupArte 2.0 Standard Protocol (in English)

Cancer/Leishmania treatment with LupArte2.0 ® capsules/tablets (Active ingredient-optimized mixture of Artemisia annua plant leaves and Artennua, Lupovet Ltd) for cats/dogs (in line with the artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) of the WHO):

1. Preparation phase

Cancer: Anti-inflammatory treatment (with Meloxicam as anti-inflammatory suspension); surgical removal of the tumor (no matter if metastasis has occurred or not), if possible; initial serum iron measurement

Leishmaniosis: initial serum iron measurement

2.Treatment phase

with LupArte 2.0 ®

  • Determination of the serum iron (normal range between 140 – 170 µg/dl), often too low in case of a malignant tumor
  • At the same time iron must be given either:A) Orally in the form of LupoVet LuCefer Iron Powder
    High-dose oral iron source with 10% absorption-promoting vitamin C
    Dosage: administer up to 2 x 1 level measuring spoon per 10 kg live weight per day, ideally mixed with the feed in 1 tablespoon of wet food; Measuring spoon content: level = 4.5 g, heaped = 7.5 g

    Or per injection of Ursoferran® (100mg/ml); dosage: 100 mg/10 kg weight initially two times a week (this is cheaper and more effective)

The iron application must be continued for the entire treatment period and adjusted accordingly to reach the (high) level of 250 + 30 µg/dl.


  • From the fourth day onward, the animal must be treated with LupArte 2.0® capsules/tablets three times daily. The dosage is about 1400 mg/m² body surface and per day (see conversion table below). It is given in three partial dosages approximately every 8 hours if possible. The capsules shall be given 1 – 2 hours before feeding and – if possible – without meat in a little piece of Gouda cheese. Giving four dosages a day may be more helpful than giving three dosages a day since we know that this drug has a relatively short half-life period.

During treatment the serum iron must be continuously controlled and adjusted if necessary.


Conversion table

weight [kg] surface of the body [m²]
0,5 0,06
1 0,1
2 0,16
5 0,29
10 0,46
15 0,61
20 0,74
30 0,97
40 1,17
50 1,36
60 1,63
70 1,7


3. Continuation:

Regular iron serum check:

Target: 250 + 30 µg/dl.; adjusted iron substitution (oral/parenteral); life-long treatment with LupArte2.0® with the standard dosage.





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